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Terra Singer, the principal and founder of Design Works Studio, has always been passionate about creativity. Inspired by her mother, Robin Strickler, a prominent figure in Southern California’s interior design industry for over 30 years, Singer’s career began in luxury fashion in New York City and Paris, where she discovered the interplay between fashion and interior design. This experience honed her ability to forecast design trends and integrate them into her work.

With her mother’s retirement, Singer took up the mantle, establishing Design Works Studio to continue the legacy of design excellence. Now leading her own firm, Singer is renowned for her skill in blending contemporary trends with timeless elegance in interior design. 

Design Works Studio caters to builders, architects, and discerning clients, offering design services that combine monochromatic bases with color highlights and diverse textures. Leading a team of skilled designers, Singer is involved in various high-end projects, including luxury residences, commercial spaces, and boutique hospitality venues across the nation. 

Sierra Neal, Lead Designer

A Southern California native, Sierra embarked on her interior design journey with a distinct minimalistic chic style, skillfully blending sophistication with simplicity, and emphasizing clean lines and curated textures. Sierra’s keen eye for design is matched by her proficiency in the technical details. Her work is inspired by Southern California’s vibrant energy and her love for natural, serene settings, enabling her to create spaces that are both stylish and deeply resonant.

Robin Strickler, Design Advisor

After a distinguished 30-year career in Southern California’s interior design industry, Robin, now retired, continues to influence the field by advising on DW Studio’s special projects. Originating from a fashion background, she transitioned her talents to interior design, having studied at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach. Renowned for her unique fusion of monochromatic settings with vibrant colors and textures, Robin remains a respected figure, sought-after for her expertise on select residential and commercial endeavors.

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